11. November, 2006

Scrum in Switzerland/Schweiz

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Where are though?

Scrum is a lightweight agile method for, well… basically for (project) management in general, but mainly applied in software development. The Internet provides piles of information about implementing Scrum, the Scrum Alliance … there are two entries at Wikipedia etc. So, help yourself if you’re looking for a more efficient, more natural way to manage your projects. Ken Schwaber’s talk at Google (movie), though, makes for the best of all introductions to Scrum. You hear most of what you need to know in an hour.

I’m Swiss, I live in Switzerland/Schweiz, and it’s quite true that the Swiss in general are often a bit reluctant when it comes to adopting new/better “stuff” (technologies, methodologies, etc.). It certainly is the case for Scrum. My current employer is probabely the one company in Switzerland/Schweiz with the highest number of Certified Scrum Masters – we’re 4. And Lucern, the company’s home base, is most likly the city with the highest density of CSMs in Switzerland/Schweiz – we’re 6.

That said, you can imagine that finding a new job here as a Senior Software Engineer can be pretty tough if you’re looking for an agile software shop; or one that wants to introduce Scrum with my help. Drop me a line if

  • you are CSM, live in Switzerland/Schweiz, and are NOT one of Joseph Pelrine’s “desciples” (I’m sure he wouldn’t like such sectarian terms…). There’s a good change the Scrum movement in Switzerland doesn’t know you, yet 😉
  • if you need a Senior Software Engineer (J2EE) and provide an agile environment OR – even better – if you want me to help establish one!

Btw, the German translation of ‘Switzerland’ (Schweiz) was added to this entry to have it indexed by the search engine spiders under both ‘Scrum Switzerland’ and ‘Scrum Schweiz’. This should help folks who query Google and other search engines with German terms find my blog. Wonder if it works.



  1. Can’t find your email here…

    I am in CH, interested in Scrum.
    Please email me off the blog.
    Thank you.

    Comment by alexey — 9. April, 2007 @ 23:19

  2. Hi,

    what’s the name of the company you work for?
    I’m working at namics ag/St.Gallen and we do practice Scrum too. We have one CSM there.

    I’m interessted in your experiences …


    Comment by jo¦ce — 9. May, 2007 @ 22:21

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