12. January, 2007

Men are all pigs!?

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Are men pigs? Some maybe, but a recent introduction to Swiss urinals implies that we all are pigs. “We” referring to men of planet earth…
hit-me is the idea of the Swiss marketing company winwin. It’s a small sticker about 3cm in diameter showing a sad Smiley; yellow on black background. When the sticker comes in contact with urin the sad Smiley changes its mood. The happy Smiley is black on yellow background. So, in order to make the Smiley happy, man has piss right against the Smiley’s face. Sick.
All of this implies two things:

  1. Men have a tendency to miss the urinal and hit wall/floor instead, making a real mess. Hence, one needs a measure to improve a man’s “hit rate” (direct the urin into the urinal).
  2. Men like to piss against some other creature’s face. Afterall, that creature seems to like that; it smiles, right?

Yuck, do male brains really work that way? Well, mine doesn’t.

Here’s a little comic that explains how hit-me works.

How hit-me works


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