19. September, 2007

Disable Acrobat plugin in browser

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At work I recently had to disable the Acrobat plugin in IE in order to have the same environment as the customer who reported a bug in our software that wasn’t reproducible on my system.
Since I didn’t want to *uninstall* but only temporarily *disable* the plugin I started digging in IE’s Internet Options. There I found a few promising Adobe entries in Programs -> Content that I disabled. Unfortunately, neither a browser restart nor logout/login showed any effect.
The solution is to open the Adobe Acrobat Reader separately as an individual application. Then go to Edit -> Options -> Internet (or Preferences -> Internet on a Mac) and uncheck the “Display PDF in browser” flag.


Trash folder in Apple mail disappeared

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This blog now resides at It will be discontinued here…

Somehow the trash folder for the IMAP account in my Apple mail application had disappeared. As always I suspected that I must have fiddled with the configuration not realizing what I was doing. And – as in most such cases – I was right.
Go to Preferences -> Accounts -> select the account in question -> Mailbox Behaviors. You’ll find the settings for your trash folder there.

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