30. July, 2008

Are virus coders an endangered species?

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This blog now resides at It will be discontinued here…

From time to time I surf some hacker/virus coder sites to check on the “mood” of those people. From current articles and incidents one could draw the conclusion that the end was near.

A desperate call to the community not to give up and not to turn their backs on virus coding:

Yet another “community” (see next link) ceased to exist:

A virus coder broods about the relative success – and the lack thereof – of various types of collaborations: That sounds so infantile, troubled, and sad. Like the lonely hackers confined to their computers in dark rooms finally realized that there’s a real world out there. A world with real people, that form close-to-real communities based on trust and respect united through common values.


2. July, 2008

Dining where Mariah Carey once sat

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This blog now resides at It will be discontinued here…

While in Fukuoka, Japan, I went out twice with my friends Sachiko and Kotoe. One night they took me to a tepanyaki restaurant called “Umakamontei” close to Tenjin.

Dinner with Sachiko and Kotoe

Ok, the food is just uuuhhh, ahhh, soooo delicious; one of the best meals I’ve ever had in Japan. However, what sets this restaurant apart from millions of others is that back in 2005 US singer Mariah Carey had dinner there with her entourage. Since she arrived with some 40 people about a dozen had to wait in front of the door because the restaurant is rather small. Traveling with stars has its downsides…

A blogger has a wonderful set of pictures of that place. If you can handle Japanese Google maps you might be interested in the restaurant’s location (second floor).

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