28. August, 2008

Flash, DHTML Menus and Accessibility

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Whenever I’m confused about the wmode parameter when embedding Flash objects into websites I turn to It describes the three modes “window”, “opaque”, and “transparent” with just the right degree of details and contains sensible demos. Of course, it’s helpful that the explanations are also related to DHTML menus because problems with those most often rise questions about Flash’s wmode parameter.


22. August, 2008

Installing MSI packages if you’re not an administrator

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This blog now resides at It will be discontinued here…

If you’re not logged in as an administrator on a Windows machine you won’t be able to install a MSI package. What’s worse, there’s no “Run as…” command in the context menu (as with other executables) if you right-click the MSI file. There’s a work-around for that described in “Installing MSI packages with elevated privileges”.

In case this link ever becomes dead, here’s what to do:

  1. Open registry editor
  2. Add a new key “runas” under HKCR\Msi.Package\shell
  3. Now set the default value of this key to “Install &as…”
  4. Now create the subkey HKCR\Msi.Package\shell\runas\command
  5. Set the default value of this subkey to msiexec /i “%1”

5. August, 2008

Character encoding error from Eclipse while saving

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This blog now resides at It will be discontinued here…

What to do when the following error pops up in Eclipse while saving a file:

Save could not be Completed
Some characters cannot be mapped using “<your-encoding-here>” character encoding.
Either change the encoding or remove the characters which are not supported by the “
<your-encoding-here>” character encoding.

If you’re certain that the encoding is correct an you didn’t enter any weired characters, you should copy/paste the content of the file to an external editor and see if it tells you where those hidden, special characters are.

On Linux and Mac you may as well abuse the terminal for that for certain character set. Just paste the code to the shell and see if you find anything unusual.

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