16. August, 2009

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This blog now resides at It will be discontinued here…

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5. October, 2008

Japanese is easy

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This blog now resides at It will be discontinued here…

The title is misleading I admit, it should rather read “Japanese is easy – sometimes”. I’m currently swoting kanji for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test JLPT. Every now and then I come across a kanji combination that is so logical that it’s startling.

Example: what do you do when you feel dizzy – chances are you roll your eyes. In Japanese 目が回る = dizzy. 目 stands for eye, が is the topic/subject marker, and 回 plus る mean to turn around, rotate, revolve. Easy and obvious, isn’t it ;-).

2. March, 2008

SomaFM: the coolest internet radio station

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This blog now resides at It will be discontinued here…

SomaFM independent internet radio

4. October, 2007

Free Burma

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This blog now resides at It will be discontinued here…

Free Burma!

26. May, 2007

Help desks are nothing new

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The idea of help desks is very old. Ohh, you knew that? Do you also know what sort of support they offered? It was already about opening, closing, and storing files…but with different media. See for yourself!

The same video with German subtitles.

19. May, 2007

Though men go north

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A bunch of Finnish – from the Airborne Ranger Club of Finland to be precise – skied to the Geographic North Pole during the spring of 2006. The seven-member team set out from Ward Hunt in Northern Canada at the beginning of March 2006. The Expedition was unsupported, i.e. no materials or supplies was delivered to the skiers; everything needed during the 2-month trek was with the skiers from the beginning. Amazing!

Their English log book entries don’t seem to be available as RSS or any other way in a “combined” form, though. So I assembled them into a nice ToC/content site.

4. February, 2007

How does snow-shoeing feel?

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In a recent speech I gave at Toastmasters I talked about a snow-shoe trip. Here’s an excerpt:

“…There are moments though, where I feel that this world is perfect, indeed. Right now it IS perfect. It’s early Sunday morning and most of Zug is still sleeping. Akiko & I drive along Ägerisee on the way to Sattel. The combination of cold air and moderately warm water has created vapor clouds floating on the Ägerisee…”Smoke on the water”… The sun creeps over the snow covered mountain tops and sends the first rays of sunshine down to us. When the sunlight hits the vapor it’s pure magic. A perfect world.
We’re bound for Sattel because we plan to hike up to Wildspitz with snow shoes. Wildspitz is a peak right across Rigi at the south east end of the Zugerberg. We park the car and prepare our gear. The cold air cuts through our sweaters and jackets and makes us shiver. We can hardly wait to place our first tracks in the fresh powder. Only minutes later it’s there; that feeling of being part of nature. Not detached but immersed. We tramp uphill putting one foot before the other – one foot before the other. It’s quiet. All you hear is the crunching snow and our breath. Minutes pass. Half an hour, one hour, two hours. Everything is so peaceful. The pine trees carry a thick coat of snow on their branches. Nature hibernates. We only see rabbit tracks crossing our path. As we get closer to the peak nature adds a magnificent view to the basket full of presents offered to us today. A perfect world.”

New version of CopyMachine available

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Today I released version 2.1.0 of CopyMachine. You can download it at -> Projects.

“CopyMachine randomly copies media files (you select what formats) from a source directory to a destination directoy. In my case the source is my MP3 collection on the PC and the target is a “mounted” SD card that I use in my Palm Tungsten T2. That’s how I fill my mobile jukebox!
You can choose whether the destination directory should be cleared (i.e. emptied) first. You can as well define that CopyMachine should keep n bytes of free space on the target drive. Furthermore, CopyMachine can rename files on-the-fly while they are being copied to the target drive.”

12. January, 2007

Men are all pigs!?

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Are men pigs? Some maybe, but a recent introduction to Swiss urinals implies that we all are pigs. “We” referring to men of planet earth…
hit-me is the idea of the Swiss marketing company winwin. It’s a small sticker about 3cm in diameter showing a sad Smiley; yellow on black background. When the sticker comes in contact with urin the sad Smiley changes its mood. The happy Smiley is black on yellow background. So, in order to make the Smiley happy, man has piss right against the Smiley’s face. Sick.
All of this implies two things:

  1. Men have a tendency to miss the urinal and hit wall/floor instead, making a real mess. Hence, one needs a measure to improve a man’s “hit rate” (direct the urin into the urinal).
  2. Men like to piss against some other creature’s face. Afterall, that creature seems to like that; it smiles, right?

Yuck, do male brains really work that way? Well, mine doesn’t.

Here’s a little comic that explains how hit-me works.

How hit-me works

Apple iPhone lovers: count me in!

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No, I won’t describe the revolutionary features of the new iPhone announced this week by Apple at Macworld Expo. Check out Apple’s website and – MUCH better – watch Steve Job’s keynote for that.
The fact that Apple only wants to ship the iPhone in June in the US and in the fourth quarter of 2007 in Europe, however, leaves plenty of “room for improvement”. Many of my own thoughts about the coolest mobile device ever to see the light of this world appear in an New York Times online article. Of course, there are zillions of blogs rating about all the issues iPhone supposedly has. Paul Kedrosky runs just one of them.
The device itself is a KILLER, yes, but I’m eargerly awaiting some information regarding the carriers in Europe. While Apple opts for Cingular as the exclusive carrier in the US I think that strategy won’t work here in Europe. The market is simply different. The problem here is that wonderful features such as Visual Voicemail (“An industry first, Visual Voicemail allows you to go directly to any of your messages without listening to the prior messages.”) require a carrier to make modifications to his infrastructure and his services. How many carriers are willing to do that? At what costs? What does Apple have to offer them in return?
Of course, one major shortcoming I expect to see corrected is the lack of 3G network support. I think 3G support is a MUST for any multimedia mobile device.
I’m in no doubt that the iPhone released in June to the US public will be quite a bit different from the one Steve Jobs presented this week.

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