12. December, 2007

Backup over LAN with Acronis TrueImage

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Acronis TrueImage is IMO by far the best backup solution. I stopped using Norton Ghost years ago and didn’t regret it a single day.

For quite some time, however, I wasn’t able to have the backup data (usually a hard drive or partition image)  stored on a different computer over the network. TrueImage simply wasn’t able to locate any other computers in the network. I ascribed this to a crappy network setup and didn’t analyze the problem. A few days ago I realized that TrueImage – at least version 9 – has a problem automatically configuring the LAN adapter over DHCP. The chosen subnet mask was although my network was using So I switched off manual configuration in TrueImage, adjusted the subnet mask setting and now it works like a charm. A simple flag makes all the difference…


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